Greeting, Welcome to Dracheim

De Dracheim Imperium Draconianum

Dracheim™ is the realm of draconian, which is fictionally defined by JH.W(Harold) and belongs to his cyber brand (a.k.a. Jun Hong Industry) which is the formal name of the Bean.
Dracheim™ 是 undefined (JH.W) 创作的虚幻之国 (龙族帝国),和其系列相关作品、项目集,属于 Jun Red™ 旗下。

Dracheim (龙域) 是一个由他原创虚构的世界观,设定于Squamrian 7星球,一个古典、中世纪的庞大联合帝国。 本项目语言由中文、英语、拉丁语和老北欧语共同书写,自底向上编写,边学边写; 本项目技术由Bean Nuts Foundation提供,包括云计算、全栈设计、部分AI;

Dracheim 该词由拉丁语词根 (Drac-), 北日耳曼词根 (-Heim,家园,域)构成的三联递归单词, Drache是现代德语的Dragon, Dra-c-heim,参考北欧神话死人之国(Niflheim)。

Dracheim is named from a combination of Latin etymology (Drac-, Dragon) and Germanic Scandinavia etymology (-Heim, Realm, Home, Proto-Niflheim), it`s the place where the Elysium for those draconian paladins and warriors.

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Dracheim Kingdom Federation, Empire

Monarch Autocratic, Military Autocracy

Capital: Valerfons, (Latin: De valere fons)

Prime Physical Dimension H7070, planet Squamrian7

Prime Digital Dimension, Seed 7070, Digitalized in NutSky Server with AI-Tech

Language: Squamrex

Religion: Consequtnax, Regulata est vis ultima (知晓可控是最强之力).

King Harold

Red Demon Dragonborn Paladin

Primary Weapon: Dual Battle Axes

Motto: Veni, vidi, vici, impera, et vis.

Wisdom, Absolute Rationality

Strategic and Tactic Commander


Valerfons is the capital of Dracheim, the big city in the middle land, which is named from a combination of Latin etymology (Vale-, Valiant) and (-Fons, Fountain), it`s the place where those valiant living, serving as a cultural and political center. A historical city full of its pride, after several dynasties conquering, it has become the symbol of glory, blood and sand, waiting for its king.

Valerfons 是 Dracheim 的首都, 中原首府、勇士之城,由拉丁语(Vale-, 勇士) 和 (-Fons, 源泉) 构成, 作为帝国的文化和政治中心的历史之都,一个荣耀之城,数个朝代一来,几经对外征伐,荣耀、血与沙是它的主题,正等待它的国王。


Squamrex is the language of Dracheim, which is named from a combination of Latin etymology (Squama-, Squamatus, Squamata) and (-Rex, King), and serves as the orthodox language for draconian citizen, aristocrat and formal scenarios. Squamrex is for all Squamnains and in order to unify all Squamnains (including Draconian, Hydra, Lizardian, and its kins), which is also called king`s language.

Squamrex 是 Dracheim 的语言,由拉丁语(Squama-, Squamatus, Squamata, 有鳞目、蜥蜴目) 和 (-Rex, 王) 构成, 是龙族公民、贵族和书面的正统语言。 Squamrex 目的是为了统一龙族、九头蛇、蜥蜴族在内的其他亲族的官话语言,也称为王之语言。


Jesus f**k these noises, writing and changing languages between English, Chinese, Latin and Nordic is f**king killing me, so have fun and contriving.